Keep It Clean -- Keep It Seen

Keep It Clean -- Keep It Seen
How many RAILS deep?

Colourway introduces the original fully customizable modular storage display cases for your functional art. Build and connect.

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Find out more about our RAILS unit! Get to know our product with Q&A. Also see what others say about our product.

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About Us

An insight to our company

  • What is Colourway USA?
    Colourway is a company built on design and functionality. Practical solutions for art inspired collections. We proudly present our first product line - RAILS.

    RAILS are the first fully CUSTOMIZABLE and MODULAR shelving display cases built for our functional art. With balanced visual aesthetics, easy accessibility, and protection for our sneaker rotations, RAILS offers a solution for keeping our wearable art out of the box.

    CUSTOMIZABLE. Taking a cue from the practical purpose and artistic ambition of sneakers, RAILS allows you to design and create your own one of a kind piece to highlight your collections with the included inkjet printable vinyl adhesive sheets. A practical storage and display solution with user created imagery.

    MODULAR. Designed to fit in any space and mesh with any lifestyle, RAILS offers the ability to stack and store vertically or build and connect horizontally. RAILS are wall mountable or can be built from the ground up. The addition of the optional JUNCTION BOX set provides a seamless extension between single RAILS placed horizontally adjacent in order to endlessly connect and combine. Infinite combinations to match your style.

  • Where are you guys from?
    We're based out of San Diego, California and Dallas, TX.
  • Where can I see the product in person?
    You can visit Kolor Bind Shoe Consignment in North Park San Diego. They have the biggest RAILS setup thus far.
  • How can I buy RAILS?
    Please check out our store or click shop at the top menu.

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We've partnered up with new friends to see how creative they can get with their setups.

J-Star25 (

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How many RAILS deep?

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Some stuff you may not know

We had a chance to read thru Complex's magazine 50 Sneaker Facts and some of the facts are surprising. You'll get a kick out of these.
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"Complex says: Jordans are released on Saturdays so that kids don't skip school to get 'em. Now they just have to skip school to line up."
"Complex says: Adidas’s Three Stripes logo is rumored to represent the three sons of Adidas founder Adi Dassler. Good thing adidas wasn't founded by Shawn Kemp."
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playing in NBA
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